About Thin Clients

Today, even entry-level PCs feature 2GHz dual-core processors and high-performance RAM. It is extremely wasteful for users to use these computing powerhouses for simple work or educational tasks, such as word processing, surfing the Internet and sending or receiving e-mails. However, thin clients let multiple users share the computing strength of a single PC.

The virtual desktop software of thin clients divides computer resources into independent sessions, so that all users can simultaneously use a single PC. Users can individually enjoy a high-quality PC experience, while the PC transmits divided desktop screens to each user like a data administrator, and handles the separate keyboard and mouse of each user at the same time.

Desktop Virtualization for Small & Medium Businesses :

Thin clients operate by using software that enables users to virtually share a single host PC.

Once this software is installed on a PC, multiple users can share a single PC, with each user running any application that they desire by using thin clients, keyboards and mice as if they were using separate PCs. All computing tasks are done on the server, while the monitors, keyboards and mice of the users communicate with the server via connection device.

Server Installation & Maintenance

Server solutions help businesses increase data availability and organize file sharing to keep operations running smooth. Simply put, our servers can help your business do more with less. Business servers offer many benefits over simple networking. With a centralized server, users and administrators can enjoy many services that were once unavailable to them before:

  • Server virtualization
  • Centralized Security
  • File and Print Sharing
  • Data Backup
  • Change 1 computer into 30 computers.........

This is a new invention in the computer field.And it is main technology principle is virtualization.PC-Station connects host or server through fast Ethernet TCP/IP protocol, one host can serve up to 2-32 network PC share terminals , each user can visit host resources independently and safely.

Each user can visit host resources safely,independently and synchronously. Take an
example ,there are 10 staffs in an office , you only need to purchase I set standard computer , another 9 user only need to user thin client.

According to SComputting, the monitors will cost less and can help businesses cut down on hardware, maintenance and electricity costs. In addition to their virtualised desktop functionality, they can also be used as standard monitors through their VGA connectors.

All businesses, school districts and government users need to reduce costs and increase efficiency, especially in times of economic uncertainty. Considering the need across all industries to optimize their operations by saving costs and boosting business productivity, we would like to introduce you to a breakthrough product, which is the result of years of R&D.

Thinking thin client? Think again.

A thin client

  • is a computing system which has a server part that processes commands and computing results, that is separated from the client device part sending commands and receiving and displaying the results;
  • is too difficult for the average PC user to use; and
  • requires enormous costs, as it uses a server that requires expensive software. SComputing uses a general PC as its server, dramatically reducing per-user costs, and requiring minimal power and IT support

Above all, SComputing can be installed conveniently, within a few minutes.

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